Wellington Studios

Wellington Studios was designed to bring you the best in sound. 
Focus on your sound in a high-end listening environment. 

Welcome to my studio!  This is where I do all my producing, mixing, and mastering, when we work together, this is where we’ll spend most of our time!

The studio is centered around a vintage Allen & Heath System 8 analog console, a Pro Tools 11 rig, and a custom full-range monitoring system.

Enjoy a tour of the studio!

What sets my room apart from others is the custom set of full range wall-mounted speakers that I designed.  They deliver full range, low distortion audio from 25Hz-30kHz at 110dB at mix position.  These have been tuned specifically to the room using industry standard EASERA software, and combined with scientifically placed acoustic treatment makes for the absolute best reference environment.

This is the writing workstation, with separate monitoring and a MIDI keyboard that’s always patched in, you can take control of the computer and get creative right in the thick of things.

My small isolation booth offers a great space to record vocals, acoustic instruments, voiceovers, you name it!

There’s lots of guitars and other instruments available, including a 1959 Leslie 21H, Fender and Egnater amps, miscellaneous percussion, and even a Cuban tres!

Come on by and hang out anytime, I look forward to helping bring your art into the world.

Wellington Studios gear highlights:

16 channels of Universal Audio Apollo AD/DA (featuring 4 channels of Unison Mic pres), Vintech stereo mic pre, Joe Meek channel strip, BBS Dynamic EQ, TC Electronic FX processing, and an assortment Radial and dbx 500 series modules.

Pro Tools 11, with plugin bundles featuring the complete SoundToys library, a vast array of UAD analog models (feat. LA2A, 1176, Fairchild, API Vision, EMT 140, EP34 etc) Waves complete Abbey Road classics bundle, convolution reverbs, and Melodyne DNA auto tune.  Virtual instruments from Waves, Garritan, ToonTrack, and EastWest

Microphones including AKG 414, sE Z5600 tube mic, Rode SDCs, Shure and Audix drum mics, Sennheiser 421s, and a vintage EV bullet mic.