Live Sound

Currently a house tech at The Ark in Ann Arbor, MI, Joe has also worked a multitude of multi-day/multi-stage music festivals, clubs, churches, and tour dates. This experience has allowed him to acquire a wide range of knowledge with both digital and analog mixing, making him extremely versatile and efficient.

Reliable and experienced with both local and national acts, Joe is available to work with bands and their existing PA system, or provide a rental if needed.  His experience as a musician allows him to bring an artist’s perspective to the table to better suit a performer’s needs.

With his flexible schedule,  last minute calls always welcome, but one month advanced notice is preferable.
Available for fly dates. Contact for more information or to book.

Live Sound Tips, Tricks, and Other Tid Bits

That time I lost my hearing

First off, let me stress two things: 1, everyone involved in music, music production, recording, theater, etc should get their hearing checked regularly. 2, wear earplugs any time you're around loud stuff. Your life depends on it. Take a second before reading the...

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Lesson learned. A highpass story

A very typical nugget of audio wisdom is to use those highpass filters. Use 'em everywhere! It's even number one on my list of “3 simple tricks to a better mix” blog. But, like most things, it doesn't come for free. Let's get (semi) technical. All filters cause phase...

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The Perfect Room… and it kinda sucked.

It's a rare occurrence that you get to mix in a really nice room. The world is full of sub-par venues (acoustically speaking). While the gear and know-how is definitely out there, and getting more affordable all the time, not many places take advantage of every aspect...

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