Studio Engineer

Joe Giese is a Pro Tools certified engineer whose skills allow your passion and creativity to be captured with an authenticity and realism often lost in today’s musical environments.

Specializing in acoustic and rock music, Joe loves to capture performances of awesome music.
Whether it’s a band all playing in the same room together or a multi-artist collaboration project spanning 6 months, let Joe take control of engineering, and allow yourself to focus on what really matters: creating art.

Check out some clips of projects I’ve worked on in the past:

Recording Studio Mojo

That time I lost my hearing

First off, let me stress two things: 1, everyone involved in music, music production, recording, theater, etc should get their hearing checked regularly. 2, wear earplugs any time you're around loud stuff. Your life depends on it. Take a second before reading the...

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Lesson learned. A highpass story

A very typical nugget of audio wisdom is to use those highpass filters. Use 'em everywhere! It's even number one on my list of “3 simple tricks to a better mix” blog. But, like most things, it doesn't come for free. Let's get (semi) technical. All filters cause phase...

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Deadlines. The good, the bad, and the clock

Well, well, well. Here it is, a month before I leave on tour for 4 weeks, and I've got 3 new projects in the chute, ready to start pre-production. I try my best to keep everything in order and on track, but open-ended “yeah, we'll get there when I get home”s can be...

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