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Joe Giese is a Pro Tools certified studio engineer, live sound tech, and session guitarist.

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That time I lost my hearing

First off, let me stress two things: 1, everyone involved in music, music production, recording, theater, etc should get their hearing checked regularly. 2, wear earplugs any time you're around loud stuff. Your life depends on it. Take a second before reading the...

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Switching amps mid-stream!

No matter what you play, the actual instrument your hands are touching is usually the most important part. In my case with an electric guitar, it's still the wood and strings I'm most picky about, but the amp comes in close second, with the pedals coming in 3rd place....

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SiT Guitar strings!

I counted, and there are 12,485 companies that make guitar strings. Well, ok, not really. But there are a lot. And there's a new player from Akron OH called S.I.T. (Stay in Tune?). I got a few sets of their acoustic strings, and snagged a set of electric strings,...

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Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
–¬†Berthold Auerbach¬†